Ladder Our Boat

Film composition by Swoon Poem: Maureen Doallas “A Ladder, Our Boat” was inspired by Holly Friesen‘s exquisite painting “Warrior Canoe”; A Ladder Our Boat / When we make a tree a ladder, we climb / out of the flaming fire, through our fear. / We are each from earth’s guts spilled, / Persephone rising, wild mint lacing / loose braids, sheaves of grain in hand, spring’s re-welcoming cheered. / When we make the ladder our boat, we sail on / a kiss of wind above the Hades of our making, / spirits water-rocked in Zeus’s arms, seeds / of the pomegranate bursting, our offspring / full-disgorged. / We strike our fevered blessings on the wood, / water-tight, wave at the moon we circle twice: the light, our safe harbor, shore. / © Maureen E. Doallas / Concept, camera, editing & music: Swoon, Add. Footage: cinetrove, Phil Fried & Beahfront B-Roll

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