Just like any other morning

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    Jonas Nilsson

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    video / experimental video

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Everyday boredom is quickly filled with games and toys. You can go to the movies, the theater, the mall, the gym, the internet, or buy a new gadget – one you don’t need, but hopefully will ward off boredom. The problem is, these are only temporary fixes. Soon, boredom returns and you start looking for something else to replace your feelings of boredom. There is another kind of boredom that can't be fixed with toys and gadgets. It's a kind of existential boredom: you do your job or live your life on auto pilot. Sure you are successful, you earn a good living, everybody loves you. But it all seems empty. You do what you do without joy, without excitement. Meaning and purpose seem to have been drained out of life. You do what you need to do, but inside, it all feels futile.

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