Ideal Deficiency

Starting point of Ideal Deficiency is the seemingly growing demand for efficiency and optimisation in all ways of life. Short fragments of texts appear on the screen at regular intervals. They remind of strict instructions to fulfil this call for optimisation. Visually, an environment of machine-like slickness is contrasted with dark blue tinted close ups of different body parts, highlighting the vulnerability and sensitivity of organic matter. The up and down moving colour beams in the background evoke the tirelessness of a technical engine. The typical combination for the artist, of text and geometrical, fractured composition, is complemented with the introduction of drawings. Delicate and static lines are added onto the moving image, on the one hand anchoring the multi-layered composition and on the other hand suggesting additional, hidden layers in the work. The work triggers an ambience of eerie doubt over technical and digital progress on the one hand, but also emanates a strange feeling of pacification.

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