I Want To Be Like You

I Want To Be Like You is a video-collage of appropriated internet footage and abstract geometrical elements. Multiple panels appear and disappear on the fragmented screen. This choreography is underlined by an immersive sound of noises, beats and musical samples. The tranquility of the slowly moving waves in the dark background anchors the flickering imagery. Above it all floats a monologue of an unknown subject, that reflects on a changing and fading relationship. With the collage of sound, text and images of random objects, lifestyle products and technical devices, the artist wants to create a space for the rethinking of the relationships to our material and increasingly immaterial surroundings. I Want To Be Like You reflects on the relation of humans as the acting subjects to seemingly passive objects in the wake of a rapid digitalisation. What is going to happen with material objects when the borders to the digital realm are becoming more and more indistinct? One might want to call for a rethinking of our relationship with objects and the ways of their production, use and disposal.

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