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    José Luis Tirado

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    video / experimental video

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Market, any set of transactions or agreements for the exchange of goods or services between individuals or associations of individuals. Product, eligible, viable and repeatable option that the offer makes available to the demand, to satisfy a need or meet a desire through its use or consumption. Consumption, final stage of the economic process, especially the productive one, defined as the moment in which a good or service produces some utility to the consumer subject. Reuse, actions that allow a certain product to be used again to give it a second life, with the same or a different use, saving resources and reformulating the concept of garbage. Garbage, all unwanted material and product considered as waste and that needs to be disposed of because it has no economic value. Crisis, conjuncture of changes in any aspect of an organized but unstable reality, subject to evolution. Crises can designate a traumatic change in a person's life or health or an unstable and dangerous political, economic, or military social situation. It can also be the definition of a large-scale environmental event, especially those involving abrupt change. In a less proper way, the name of crisis is referred to as emergencies or difficult times of the crisis. The economic crisis is the most depressing phase in the evolution of a recessive economic process. Fever, a temporary increase in body temperature, in response to an illness or disease.

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