Cucumbers for the Future

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    Charlie Dance

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    video / experimental video

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“Is this the end of our adventure? Nothing has an end. We came in search of the secret of immortality, to be like gods, and here we are, mortals! More human than ever. If we have not obtained immortality, at least we have obtained reality. We began in a fairytale, and we came to life! But is this life reality? No, it is a film.” – The Alchemist, The Holy Mountain An apparently surreal patchwork, just like the future: unknown, unsure, without guarantees. Reality is being unable to imagine a day beyond today. Though preparing for the day after today is human, even if the anticipation of it is misplaced. Dis-utopia is always on the horizon. ‘A knowledge base on which to support action IS pre-preparing for the future.’ Ancient technology will ensure our future. Cucumbers for survival. Preserve to conserve. Fermentation is the key to prolonging our mortality.

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