Cassandra Syndrome # 1

  • Author

    Corinne Mazzoli

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Original title

    La Sindrome di Cassandra #1

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“The Syndrome of Cassandra is the talent of imagining new worlds, foreseeing unthinkable scenarios and the destiny to not be believed. Just tell people only what they want to hear, tell them stories they want to believe to. It’s important to have someone who talks about evident realities. Everything else is pure madness, they will never believe you”. La Sindrome di Cassandra #1 is a video made with found footage, it is the first finding after the death of Venice. The news-story images collected represent an apocalyptic sight on future, they are ready to become commodities to be sold on market. These findings will be useful to enhance the prophecy of an apocalyptic scenario, the death of Venice, which just like Atlantis, is destined to sink in the abyss.

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