Isabella Madarász

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  • Isabella Madarasz is a graduate of the Graphics department at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara. In 2020 she started a master's degree in Graphic Design at the Metropolitan University of Budapest, and since 2021 she also follows the courses of the master's degree in Heritage, Restoration and Curating in visual arts, FAD, UVT.

    In the period 2019-2020 she received an Erasmus scholarship at the AKI Artez Institute of Arts, Enschede, the Netherlands, where she became acquainted with the concept of CrossMedia Design. This experience led her to her own visual experiments. As a multimedia artist, she has worked with video and digital technology for capturing microscopic images, integrating to her preoccupations elements of Bio Art. The work was part of the exhibition Matter of Vision, curated by Agnieszka Wolodzko, AKI.

    Other projects and exhibitions in which she took part: The group exhibition "On the spider's web" organized within the pedagogical didactic course, UVT DPPD, under the guidance of lect. univ. Silvia Trion, Timișoara, 2022; Publicrit, Smog Digital Poster Exhibition, Oradea, 2021; Packagedesign Stühmer chocholate competition, 2021; Juventus Contest, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, 2020; Hronicon Blue Biennial, Brașov, 2019.

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    Anthropocene, cyborg

    Human activities such as industrialization, globalization, colonization, in a word the abusive behavior of the consumer society, strongly imprint the environment. The process is not new, as it has evolved over the centuries. Cyborg is a concept introduced by Donna …