Human Scale

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    Marina Feldhues

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Original title

    Escala Humana

  • Tags

    human scale, photo, anthropometry, performance

This is a work on the symbolic and social construction of subordinate bodies. As a racialized woman, from Brazil, my body has been determined, measured and cataloged since the beginning of colonization in 1492 by eyes that are not mine, by photographic cameras and by imagery surveillance devices. I've been considered a wild animal, primitive, slave, witch, drugged, bitch, ugly, subordinate every time. I ally myself with all my relatives in the world, because we are all made equally of matter and energy, who had their bodies broken down and their identities determined from the outside by the so-called sciences of man, anthropology, criminology, history, sociology, among others that, with the help of objects for measurement, photographic and surveillance cameras, as well as several professionals, were and are at the service of this continuous colonization of bodies and territories. And I expose, return and redistribute the symbolic violence with which we were yesterday and today we are measured and determined on the streets and in the cities.

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