Gavril Pop

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  • Gavril Pop is an artist interested in the visualization of thought processes and the conjunction of the elements of knowledge. He is currently pursuing a theoretical master's degree in the field of curating at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, where he is preparing a thesis on pedagogical methods and experiments in the field of visual arts. He is interested in the general public's relationship with art and constantly collaborates with foundations and associations in Timișoara in cultural mediation programs dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions. He has published critical texts in Revista Arta and Revista 22.

    As an artist he collaborated with the independent spaces and platforms Lapus, Draft, Secret Garden from Timișoara, GAEP from Bucharest, Camera from Cluj. He recently took part in the Mentoring und Aktion mentoring program developed by the German Cultural Center in Brașov.

    Curator collection

    Slam Dunk

    Throwing, jumping, moving, swimming, bending, holding, squeezing, slipping, falling, playing, riding, shooting, hitting, sight, strategy, fun, relaxing, fighting, giving up, winning, losing, glasses, blind, foot, hand, symmetry, direction, disappointment, palette, club, bruise, war, training, times, stopwatch, clock, whirlwind, sweat, coat, …