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  • Stefan is known as a graphic artist who spends its day time as graduate engineer. He is known for some designs seen in legendary Dresden-based techno music locations like »Planar« or »Plastic Phreak« and his contributions to »Reflex 64«, a C64 demo group. Since 2001 his graphical artworks have been shown in galleries »Treibhaus« and »KNARK-ART« in Dresden and »P38118« in Braunschweig (Germany) and at the exhibition »Deep In The Woods« in New York City. Since 2007 and being a friend of Phonocake he created some cover artworks for the label, seen in »Awakening of the Bit Dragons« and Phonocake's most downloaded compilation, the »petit fours 2006«. With the development of the »Staubbkaskade« Stefan initiated a remix project, the »Audiospuren der Staubkaskade« at Phonocake and started travelling all around the globe with his movie, since it was invited to short film festivals world wide. In 2009 he releases the movie at Phonocake.


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