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  • Shaun Finneran (UK, 1991) is an engineer by trade and life-long enthusiast of cinema and photography. He studied physics and English literature at Durham University (UK) and was keeper of the universities' photographic darkroom. As well as travelling extensively (and holding a variety of odd jobs along the way), since 2014 he has worked as a simulation engineer in the realms of aerospace and manufacturing. Sofía Petersen (Argentina, 1997) studied film directing at the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (Spain), where she developed her first feature. She has directed the short films ‘Alone Sleeps the Water, Frozen she Awakes’ (2020), ‘Symphony of the Being’ (2019) and ‘Reminiscencias’ (2017); and her work has participated in several international film festivals, including Alchemy Film & Moving Image, Prague Indie Film Festival and Oaxaca Film Festival.


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