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  • Having studied Fine Arts in Romania, Ruxandra Mitache has dedicated herself to painting, installation, photography and video arts, especially in Switzerland, where she lives and work since ten years ago, her creations being appreciated not only in the country of adoption, but also in Italy, France, Austria, Australia, Cyprus, Peru, China, Greece, India, South Korea, Great Britain, USA, etc. Numerous participations in video art festivals attest to this, talking about an artist for whom the problems of the contemporary world are not indifferent, searching through the means at her disposal, to illustrate, debate or propose solutions, leading to their solution. In painting it is very much based on the suggestive force of colours, its approach being oriented especially towards the area of ​​lyrical abstraction. She is concerned with the interaction of light in different mediums, with the relationships that are created in nature, with the beneficial or destructive influence of man on the place where he lives.


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