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  • Robert Dohrmann received his MFA in Painting and Drawing at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington. He is currently a Professor of Art at The University of Oklahoma. His most recent body of works include experimental video shorts, audio mash-up's, and nonlinear interactive web based media. He has had several solo exhibitions throughout the US and has participated in numerous international film festivals over the past several years. Dohrmann is essentially a RE/mix and mash up artist. Much like the appropriation artists of the late twentieth century (and going back as far as the DADA artists), he takes/borrows/paraphrases useful imagery, recontextualizes them, combines them with his own imagery, and re-distributes a finished work through interactive and time-based digital programs. In combination with this visual structure, the same strategy is applied in the audio portions. With deep roots in handmade books and the cut-and-paste tactics of the punk rock, do-it-yourself ethos, he freely finds, clips and remediates the electronic landscape of his history and popular culture with thoughtful purpose. His web art and videos draw on an array of inspired American iconography to evoke viewer response to the above concepts.


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