Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo

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  • He has been interested in exploring graphic languages full of anecdotal sense of humor, cynicism, and allegorical deformation. Throughout his artistic production he has investigated western iconography and graphics of children's drawings, so that he reinterprets the contents and he subverts his visuality to a perversion degree. The above happened because he linked his literature knowledge to the word of psychedelia, punk, pornography, and subcultures screening by his autobiographical reflection to developed his symbolic universe in order to expand his possibilities of his discursive media involved in his creative work; such as photography, drawing, and painting among the others. All of this shows his excessive and saturated use of permitted surfaced from his aesthetic experience through sordid and absurd juxtapositions of art icons with trivial signs of the popular culture. He is emphasizing dialectical tensions between public and private with marginal and cultured. Parallel of his professional art studies he has worked in personal creative projects. He obtained financial support from the Colombian ministry of culture also from another institutions for some of his creative projects. Actually he lives in Pereira Colombia.


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