Nina Kurtela

Nina Kurtela was born in Zagreb, Croatia and is currently based in Berlin. In her work she is busy with the cross media field of research and creation between disciplines such as visual and performing arts. Her practice does not exclude any medium and with its conceptual and multidisciplinary approach gives a chance for any means of production to be realized. The work is often multidisciplinary, site-specific, engages particular communities, questions monetary values and explores notions of exchange through which different social relations are established. While examining identity and intimacy she question how can different actions of the body in particular social, cultural and urbanistic sphere determinate the human behavior, influence experience and affect us. She often uses situations from every day life and places them into another contexts in order to render them visible and expand their meaning. She is interested in dedication, duration and time. She explore idea of immaterial labor in relation to everyday life, both engaging particular communities or using her own body thru which she questions exclusiveness of art in attempt to erase the distinction between the makers and observers.


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