Mikhail Krutik

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  • Mikhail Krutik was born in 1980 in Krasnoyarsk. At the age of five he started study music. He is a graduate of St.Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory (2003, class of violin – A.Shustin). In 2003 -2005 Mikhail took a post-graduate studies. Since 1999 he works at the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra (since 2008 – assistant-concertmaster). Krutik has been awarded prizes at following international competitions. He performed at international music festivals, such as “Brahms Evenings” (1997), “Fives Evenings” (2001), “Musical Spring of St.Petersburg” (2003-2011), “Sound Ways” (2001-2010), “Time of Music” (2004, Finland), “Bang on a Can” (2008, USA). Since 1994 has been active as a composer. In 1995 he was awarded a diploma at the International Youth Competition “I Am A Composer” (St.Petersburg). His works for various instrumental ensembles were performed in St.Petersburg, at the “Sound Ways” festival, Moscow (festivals “60 years of memory”, “Soul of Japan”) as well as in Copenhagen. In 2003-2004 Kruik took part in Pro Arte Institute’s project “Pythian Games”. In 2004 he was awarded the prize for his work “Twenty seven”. Movies with soundtracks by Mikhail Krutik were awarded International Prizes. At the present time, Krutik is a member of St.Petersburg Philharmonic String Quartet, Avantgarde-Quartet and Ensemble of the Pro arte Institute.


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