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  • Loïc Gatteau lives, works in Poland. He is personally interested by the question of migration, exile, uprooting and consequently absence and lack, he made a documentary on French immigrants in Poland, questioning these problems. Short films, documentaries, artistic projects, his productions are often tinted of absence, elsewhere, lack, unsaid. His recent video works question the strength of the absence, through the frustration born of the spectator, of the voluntary exclusion of the frame of the image from the reason of being of this image. The essential is not in what he sees, but in what he imagines. The viewer becomes part of the creative process of the work. This works were presented in a collective installation in Warsaw (MiTo: 09-10/2016), Łódź (Frankofonia 04-05/2017) and solo, in Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Malo (l'Œil d'Oodaaq: 05/2017) and will be as well presented in Madrid (Proyector, 09/2017) and Video-Project in Nantes (09-11/2017).


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