Laura Luna Castillo

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  • Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist and musician, currently based in Puebla, Mexico. While working on ways to express ideas through film and photography, she became interested in exploring other media, such as sound, sculpture and hybrid art forms. Laura studied in Europe and completed her MA in Fine Arts (Distinction), specializing in sculpture and Installation. She is set to begin her PhD in Digital Arts and Experimental Media at DXARTS, University of Washington (Fall 2020). Through time-based media, music, sculpture and narrative languages, she explores the mechanisms of memories, imagination and the perception of inhabited spaces through multiple angles and temporalities. Laura's main concern is to investigate the ways in which we experience and think of the places that we inhabit and reclaim as well as the objects that surround us. Thus, time-based installations and kinetic interventions form one of the core components in her practice.


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