Janaina Politi Wagner

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  • JANAINA WAGNER works with the relations of limit, control and contention that men-kind establishes with the world. Searching contact points between the human character and the constructions that him himself edifies, Wagner investigates the forms and ways that his efforts represents issues that refers to his finitude in itself. Currently resident at Studio National des Arts Contemporains-Le Fresnoy (FR), Wagner participated in several artistic residencies, such as Bolsa Pampulha (MG), Red Bull Station (SP), Phosphorus (SP), Casa Tomada (SP), Anarcademia, ( W139, Amsterdam) and NES Skagaströnd, on the rural coast of Iceland. With a BA in Fine Arts and Journalism, a master in the Art and Politics Experimentation Program (SPEAP) and a video teacher in elementary school, many of Wagner’s references derives from the procedures through which mankind registers and articulates it’s progress and legacy.


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