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  • Isabella Gresser is a visual artist living in Berlin. She studied with Marina Abramovic and Mara Mattuschka, at HBK Braunschweig and at the UdK Berlin as part of the Free Class. Her multilayered videos, in which distinctions between analog and digital technologies are foregrounded, encompass found-footage, drawings and photographs combined with literature. Main subjects in recent years have been Western and Eastern cultures, as well as sociology and philosophy referring to global tiredness and "Fatigue societies". She has been awarded residencies in Asian countries and her videos have screened at many international art and film festivals: CCCB Barcelona, Open Cinema Festival Russia, EMAF European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, 65. Berlinale, Wexner Art Center USA, Athens Digital Film Festival, Fonland Digital Art Festival, Video Art Festival Miden, 18 Lima Film Festival, Video Bardo Argentina, Oslo Screen Festival, Facade Video Art Festival, Cairo Video Art Festival, Frameline Festival SF, Achtung Berlin Festival, among others.


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