Giulia Grossmann

Giulia Grossmann shake the stakes of the story by playing ambiguities of the cinematographic presence: she forges links between fiction and reality, blurs the boundaries between documentary, representation and staging. From Native American to Proxima B, she takes an ethnographic look on myths appropriation phenomena and utopias. Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts in Paris, Giulia Grossmann captures her images in vertigo landscapes, far from Paris where she lives. It is in the jungle of Laos, in the Mexican or Moroccan desert, or on Icelandic volcanoes that she shoot landscapes, which are then broadcast, as poems filmed, in various exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad. With her light show group "Tharsis Dome", she realizes visuals stage for concerts and video clips for music bands (Zombie Zombie, Imarhan).


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