Devadeep Gupta

My artistic practices come into play as an exploration of perspectives with an emphasis on absurdities of the everyday realities. My focus is placed on long-term artistic research that tries to seek a balance between the people and the landscape. The form of my actions tries to expand, and at the same time contest the widespread blanket understandings associated with the current state of certain social aspects in the region, the outtakes of which are shared through the mediums of installations, photographs and videos. Since my earliest engagements in academic and professional spaces as a Visual Practitioner, I have been drawn towards work that engages communities through values of transparency, inclusivity and accessibility towards visual arts, that aid in a sustainable future. My intention is to make discourses associated with art more and more public through workshops, residencies and seminars including artists and students alike and at the same time bring art directly into the public realm through public actions, interventions and exhibitions.


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