Casilda Sanchez

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  • Casilda Sánchez is a multidisciplinary artist, interested in the exercise of voyeurism as an act of entering another’s space, of paying thorough attention to someone’s personal space. Her work explores the varied contradictions of voyeurism: gaze/distance, face confrontation/back to back, optic/haptic, etc. By means of using photography, video and installation, she attempts to transform these interests and questions into artworks that are capable of engaging the viewer in the dichotomies of the gaze. She has shown her work in galleries and venues such as MUA Museum of the University of Alicante (Alicante, Spain), MAVI Museum of Visual Arts of Chile, Directors Lounge (Berlin), FILE RIO 2009 Electronic Language International Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), MOVE new media art fair (La Coruña, Spain), Oliva Arauna Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain).


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