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  • Amartya Bhattacharyya, a person who believes literature and art to be his media of communication, is not only an independent film director, but also a poet, writer, editor, actor, lyricist, recitation artist and a photographer. All his works are dark, intense and serious with an element of abstraction and surrealism integrated at its very core. He believes that his creation starts from where reality ends. His works are always experimental and unconventional. He started acting on stage from the age of 6, and since then he has acted and directed a number of plays. Writing started during his college days, and in a span of just three years, he has published two books ('21-Ekush' and 'Shatarupa'). Film making started with a small team, and now his films are getting critical appreciations in regional, national and international forums. As an artist, Amartya's philosophy can be best expressed in his own words ... "I believe in the nudity of thought, and crudity of expression".


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