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    Soyoon Hia Cha

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    video / experimental video

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    mania, multi-channel, video art

My work is inspired by my past struggle with bipolar disorder, and in an attempt to understand and reflect that past I have accepted my shadow and am trying to show that if embraced, it can be a beautiful thing. It is a darkness many dare not face, but a vital half of understanding our whole selves. The monsters are within us, and we must face them every day. Questions of home, identity, origin, life, and death are made through the explorations of space and expression; always looking closer for something more, trying to make sense of the world around me. A search for one’s whole self will feel fundamentally fragmented, juxtaposed, and conflicted; yet every one must find their own way to find unification between their split selves. A crack can be a beautiful thing, in places, within our selves, in creation, and through finding and noticing the cracks in the darkness; I believe that one can find the light.

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