Wet Table

There is a borderline between Reality and Non-Reality, the Material and Non-Material and many other philosophical notions. Water is a physical state which is able to blur’ the clarity and sharpness of any separating line. A stream of water in constant motion carries a hidden metaphor of flow and is associated with a stream of consciousness and time. Consciousness is like water: it changes together with the surrounding world and time. The sensory images of objects, the feelings and the ideas crowd’ and overcrowd’ the consciousness and blur the borderline between the metaphysical and the physical. An object affected by water loses and changes its original architectonics. The shape becomes unstable and abstractly elusive to mind. Halting time and motion with the help of media means (freeze frame) gives a possibility to study the newly created object and grasp it with one's consciousness. This virtual time-halting is the intermediate stage between clarity and vagueness of perception.

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