We R the World/Mold

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    Dawn George

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    video / experimental video

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    mold, anthropocene, ecology, nature, sprawl, timelapse

Magnified, mold is an intricate mass of branching hair like filaments creating a connected web. Fruiting bodies develop into a diverse array of colours, patterns and shapes. Soon it begins to spread and inhibit other areas of its host. When viewed from a distance, mold loses its complexities and a more destructive nature is realized. Urban development can be viewed in the same way; a mass of connected people and systems intertwined through a colourful construction of shaped buildings and patterned developments. From a distance, the colours and shapes become muted, as it appears that we are destroying a natural environment to make way for our sprawling infrastructure. Using CGI, animation, and time-lapse photography the phenomena of growth is explored as something delicate, magnificent and even necessary against its powerful and destructive nature; challenging the way we comprehend our existence as individuals and as a collective organism.

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