The Unit

  • Author

    Virginie Laganière

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Tags

    video art, sound art, architecture

Between the subjective camera and the security camera, the vision reveals a deserted site such a scanner. It stops unexpectedly, scrutinizes it, spies on it to maintain alternately the attention on two buildings of suspect nature. These constructions let believe in an oppressive past. Do they reveal the result of a disaster or a sinister tragedy? The scene seems to have been abandoned in the urgency: blinds are awkwardly closed, a door is ajar. The sound treatment participates in this environment loaded with insecurity. An incisive buzzing, a distant ringphone is running out without finding an interlocutor, comments on secret documents of the U.S. Army, the voices generated by an avatar, an old radio tries to syntonize according to the appearing landscape which is made in a side movement imitating the radio syntonisation. Here, the notions of place, of time, even of humanity lose their sense and must be ceaselessly redefined during this strange episode.

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