The Stolen Summer

  • Authors

    Isabel Val (Author)
    Josep Gutiérrez (Co-Author)
    Anna Hierro (Co-Author)

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Original title

    L' Estiu Robat

  • Tags

    repetition, experimental, ritual, death, sadness

L'Estiu Robat (“the stolen summer” in Catalan) explores the disruptive aspect inherent to certain stages of the grieving process. This human experience goes inevitably through the acceptation of an uncontrollable pain that beats, takes control and bursts from within. Over and over again. This repetition changes in frequency, intensity and length. As if it was a ritual or a mantra, it produces a cathartic effect. Regardless its intensity, this episode goes unnoticed for most of those around us as we “go back to normal”. Using the technique of analogue rotoscoping where every frame has been printed and drawn by hand, L'Estiu Robat explores visually the experience of loss through repeated actions that show us the fragile boundries between a healing process and the obsession.

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