The Purpose of Life

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    Lavoslava Benčić

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    video / experimental video

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    video art, experimental, life, experiment, graphical sound

Project/work "The purpose of life" is based on the Croatian artist's Emil Benčić's quote: "The purpose of life is not to warm up, but to burn up!". Primary display (the_purpose_of_life_1_Bencic_2013.avi) We generated video content by graphical sound method using the popular Emil Benčić's quote and re-mediated newly created sound structures in cymatics. This experiment is realized using sugar (as a medium). Secondary display (the_purpose_of_life_2_Bencic_2013.avi) Cymatics appeared as the spontaneous inspiration for the actress body performance. It represents the example of viral reaction/behavior caused by the popularity of the quote itself and the quote's sound/frequencies. Project goals/messages: The project proves the power of collective perception about something and someone and supports free access, popularization and preservation of the ancestors wisdom. Project provokes compatibility between media (sound, visual, performance) and authors. Both videos tell us that contemporary art has to "burn" - encourage authors, curators and spectators on their way to complete their identities.

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