The Antology of Invisible Reality

The concept of the project was born from the desire for introspection and reflection on how we perceive the world and our own body. The title "Anthology of Invisible Reality" is an eloquent description of the whole concept. The idea of anthology (collection of representative works, chosen from one or more authors) would be transposed in the project as a construction of multiple sequences that are part of a whole and coexist together, those microstructures of reality. The invisible reality represents a state of fact of the individual, of the self, subjective that cannot be perceived by someone else and therefore acquires an ephemeral character, because it exists only inside the consciousness of the individual.The theme of the project focuses on the individual in interdependence with the inner self, looking for a new type of interiority. The inner-outer relationship becomes the subject, emphasizing the experimentation of dissociated realities.

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