Techno Synesthesia: Playmates Arch

  • Author

    Kenji Kojima

  • Country

    USA, Japan

  • Duration


  • Production year


  • Type

    video / experimental video

  • Category


  • Tags

    algorithm, technology, synesthesia

"Techno Synesthesia" creates the art of synesthesia through computer technology. Synesthesia is the perception phenomenon that can feel a certain sense of other senses. The artist is not a person of synesthesia. However, his mind feels audio and visual are no boundaries. He would rather realize the art of synesthesia by computer technology because a computer reduces all sensory data to binary, and binary can convert to other sensory files. The soundtrack was created from the visual data of the video, by the algorithm. The technology is based on the software RGB MusicLab programmed by the artist Kenji Kojima. The program divides 84 grids of the video image and compares the brightness of the grids every second. It chooses the three largest different values, then converts RGB color data into musical notes. The video and sounds of archway were recorded in the Central Park, New York City.

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