Swaayattate (Autonomy) Chapter 1 - #algofeels & Chapter 2 - ADI

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    Vishal Kumaraswamy

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    video / experimental video

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Chapter 2 – ADI In ADI, the neural network begins to show signs of sentience as understood by humans. Narrated entirely in Kannada, the language of the repair technician, the non-human protagonist is able to explicitly state its opposition to being gendered and demonstrates the formation of an amalgamated identity. The work makes explicit references to gender, language and indigeneity. Chapter 3 – Sapience Sapience shifts timelines considerably and occurs as a nostalgic message relayed by the neural network to a terminally ill technician. Referencing a seminal moment in future history, the viewers discover an incredibly advanced algorithmic being. Questions are raised about the duty of care between humans and machines and the irrelevance of hierarchies now. Decades of machine misuse and neglect by humans has created newer forms of communication between machines and doubts are cast upon past desires to inhabit an anthropomorphic body.

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