Spiral Yety

  • Author

    Marius Tanasescu

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    video / experimental video

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    painting, reinterpretation, re-make, video art

Robert Smithson erected the spiral out of black basalt rocks taken from the beach and set them to a height just above the surface of the water so people could walk on the earthwork as if on a jetty. For almost thirty years "Spiral Jetty" rested below the surface in the Great Salt Lake. Since 1999, as drought has lowered the water level, the artwork little by little re-emerged. Nowadays, it is entirely exposed; the rocks covered with white salt crystals are delimited by pink water in what looks like a gigantic snow field. Spiral Yety is the casting by subtraction, having in mind to give an upturned shape of the Smithson’s land art work. Obviously, the scale is reduced and I used a hair dryer in order to prepare the ground, or, more precisely, to melt the snow. The liquid Great Salt Lake became the solid frozen snow of my garden.

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