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    Boris Eldagsen

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    video / experimental video

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    experimental, mockumentary, spam, musical

IS IT ART? SPAM? OR BOTH? 2008 email spam grew up and turned 30. In the cross-media project “SPAM the musical” email spam becomes video art, and with your mouse click it’s turned back into spam. HOW SPAM BECAME ART AND WHO DID IT This is an international no-budget art project created by 16 anonymous artists. Their intention is to challenge the rules of the international art circus by gaining the attention of international curators and museum directors through the tools of viral marketing, spamvertising, social networks and bookmarking. This is David vs Goliath. Based on the texts of email-spam, collected over two years, “SPAM the musical” is about make-believe and truth, hope and betrayal. It stretches genre limits and plays with preconceptions of the viewer’s mind. THE VIDEOS Currently three have been produced with many more to come. Each of the 6-minute videos is divided into two parts. The first part is an ironic, luring interpretation of a specific email spam. It serves as a “trojan horse” for the second part, “deleted scene”. This “deleted scene” turns the entertainment around, creating an image of reality that looks behind the scenes and works like a cold shower compared to the first part.

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