• Author

    Emilie Crewe

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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    experimental, animation, video art, poetry

"An icy ocean turns to lava. A woman rests ashore whilst death looms nearby. Raindrops tease a decaying man who waits for the end alone." RIVEN is a poetic video that references Dylan Thomas' All All and All the Dry Worlds Lever. Hand-drawn animation, video collage and live-action video tell the story of a deteriorating world. Twenty-seven layers of sound create a foley environment, with audio clips of a sizzling pan, dry grass and a roll of plastic wrap highlighting textural moments within the artwork. My intentions are to invite a narrative of dystopia and decay. Using moving images and sound as equal partners, Riven weaves together opposing themes of water & aridity, destruction & healing, and life & death. An apocalyptic presence mounts as the video concludes with an anticlimactic suggestion of repair and redemption.

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