On Seeing the Unseen

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    Daliah Ziper

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    documentary / experimental documentary

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    seeing, unseen, light, experimental, city

„Streetlights ... You remind me of my life, of your life, of the life of our generations: modestly bending over the cross-roads of times, to give light ..." (Bardhyl Londo) Instinctively, we follow their paths of light and shadow. They allow us to see in darkness, whilst remaining mostly unseen themselves. Looking at these stoic figures may trigger thoughts on visibility and ephemerality - processes that inevitably go together in our rapidly growing and changing cities. When directing one’s gaze towards streetlights, viewing habits are being questioned. And most notably it becomes visible that movement continues within standstill. In the statics of the moving image, eyes can eventually see self-determinedly and usual viewing patterns can be disrupted. Those who then fully indulge in the performative force of light can lose themselves in its forms and compositions. As light and sound sources, street lamps create an audiovisual synthesis: all sounds in this film derive solely from them.