Memetic Manifesto

  • Author

    Anuska Oosterhuis

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  • Type

    documentary / experimental documentary

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    experimental, documentary, change, mass media

The Memetic Manifesto (2013) is an art manifesto on mass media that calls upon artists to change structures and reform the images around us. An introduction follows below: --- Memetic Manifesto We call for a new iconoclasm! Every day we are being modeled upon formats by a flood of mass media images. Formats are rigid and slow. They confirm themselves through endless repetition. Formats dictate how we understand ourselves. We don’t want to be categorized and identified by formats! We want to re-categorize and re-identify ourselves over and over again. This is not a time of reformation but of deformation. We must deform formats! Grab your toolkit and join us! The image can only be opened by entering it.

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