isle of lox “the fruits electric”

„Isle of lox“ is a video series project created by Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub. Content Isle of lox “the fruits electric”: A girl and “the reflektor“ are washed ashore a beach. Strangely attracted by “the flags” and uncanny sounds, she starts exploring the island she stranded on. When she picks the fruits“ from “the tree“ of sound she is instantly transposed to a mysterious house = “the transformer“. This is when she becomes aware of her transformation: she is now the keeper of the sound crown, she has become the fruits electric girl. About „the fruits electric”. “In the beginning was sound" - lending iconography from Greek mythology (Aphrodite’s birth from oceanic foam), the Christian bible (eve and the forbidden apple) and Grimm’s fairy tales (Hansel & Gretel), "The fruits electric" is a audiovisual quest for the primordial origin of sound. Sound: Cristian Straub

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