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    Benjamin Funke

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    video / experimental video

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Intervals is a remake of an identically-titled short film made in 1969 by noted British director, Peter Greenaway. Greenaway’s low-tech, black and white film deliberately focuses visual attention on the ordinary storefronts and facades of Venice for seven minutes rather than the city’s famous canals. It makes the fabric of the city conform to a rigorous formal discipline characterized by frontality, numerology, and rhythm. This new version of intervals is an homage to Greenaway’s original. It is intended to function as a strategically distanced commemoration of the 2011 Venice Biennale. By focusing on the Biennale’s perimeter, we recorded the interactions and confrontations that take place between members of the international art audience and Venetian citizens who go about their daily business while hundreds of thousands of international art cognoscenti descend upon their city.

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