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    My Name Is Scot

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    video / experimental video

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    self determination, occupy, alienation, autonomy, activism, human rights

A lone, masked figure takes a stand in a disrupted landscape; defining her place, creating the space to inhabit her own body, looking for ways to construct new meaning. Fighting for the right to stand alone, the hope to be included, the freedom to say no, the freedom to say yes, over here, out there, anywhere, everywhere; Independence. In light of recent ‘Occupy’ movements and ongoing, worldwide, popular uprisings seeking social justice and equality for all citizens, Independence examines notions of choice, agency, and freedom. Freedom from the masks that conceal us and the labels that identify us, freedom from the codes and costumes that contextualize our movements. The video explores notions of choice and agency, self determination and social responsibility and the internal impulses, external pressures and cultural biases that shape our individual identities and embody our public ideals.

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