In isolation with Jonas Mekas - A dangerous roommate Day #12

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    Smaragda Nitsopoulou

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    video / experimental video

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    experimental, video art, isolation, diary, archive

As the entire world was getting subsequently locked in, the only images of the outer world where those flooding the internet. Family moments, strangers letting use to their homes. A sort of unintentional global home movie was being created before our eyes. Suddenly, Jonas Mekas' family portraits and stories gained a very different meaning. The loneliness and exclusion of the immigrants, the mundane everyday moments, everything looked quite similar to the seclusion the world was forced to during the pandemic. Working with found footage for over 5 years, the idea for the series popped organically to my head. Just like my everyday life was filled with images disrupted by news and images again, the videos series are a collection of footage bonded together with thoughts on fear, the future, art, and loneliness.

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