In Glass Houses

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    Ariana Gerstein

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    video / experimental video

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edit 1- still tweaking. Synopsis: An interview is conducted exploring methods used to facilitate a real research project whose aim it is to capture and analyze human micro-expressions for use by a variety of industries (including lie detection and entertainment/animation). But the particular research or the use of human subjects is really just a point of departure. This film takes a moment to touch on our use of technology and vice versa. The images in the film are created in three ways; 1. By scanning the actor and two other support figures interacting with the scanner glass and each other, one frame at a time 2. By filming the actor revealed by the light of the scanner as he is being scanned. (Each light pass represents a frame of the reanimated scanner image) 3. Through line drawings and smears which trace or mark points of contact between the actor and the scanner glass.

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