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    Chen Serfaty

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    video / experimental video

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Author of the sound: Ohad Zahrihan. This is a work about space that has been intentionally severed from its routine surroundings and potential context and connected to an inner unit of thought and feeling represented by repetitive, limited and meaningless motions. The video shows fragments of different events, but all maintain the physicality of the space, a greenhouse with no vegetation that has ceased to function as originally intended and has instead became a dynamic, though limited, emotional reaction. The work process included meetings with a contemporary dancer who focused finding meaningless positions and repetitive small movements. From those sequences the desire to disrupt the position and disconnect the movement produces a feeling of uneasiness as the position produces dissonance. Material elements that fill the incubator need to vary in space, where the plastic wrap on the greenhouse is a projection screen. Artistic movement and what you see is the important work as a whole, based on the multi - layer but touching on the question of the meaning of the moment itself, without the ability to revolt, and desire. This work was recorded in different time periods in the agricultural environment.

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