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    HP Process

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    video / experimental video

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EPT is an experimental digital video which questions the connection between the birth of writing from ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia), the digital language and the esoteric and spiritual dimensions of language, to build an immersive visual and sound poem where spreads the extensive strengths of words and signs. It proposes a route through the evolution of writing and signs, via digital dimensions of the language, to end up at an explosive and futuristic abstraction of the language and forms. This video is also an hommage to the Futurism, because this artistic movement thought of the relation between spirituality and technology, and saw in the machine, not an instrument of domination, but a tool to be used, placing its power in the service of man and life. Ept is a «live movie» , that is to say a kinetic composition generated in real time and in an interactive way (with the sound) thanks to a patch PureData / GEM and openGL. It’s not a video constituted a priori, but of an animation generated by the sound frequencies that interact with the algorithms which determine the picture. The film is thus a particular version of a programming, a process which can be again generated, and next produce another video; so it raises the question of the new form of video writing.

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