A nearly 10 minutes multimedia show, combines the elements of a real drawing with the forms created by the light from the projectors. Our goal was to create the picture which makes the immersive virtual environment, perceived by the spectator as realistic. We achieve it by combining the real forms, in this case the drawing with specially prepared projection, which creates a very suggestive impression of space. It should be noted that the three-dimensional effect can be seen from any angle, perspective and distance, and, above all, it is visible with the naked eye, so without any glasses or other optic equipment. The narration of our work is based on the cycle of transformations of structural, organic forms, which are the parts of the central composition. The picture is transformed from the constructional, geometric net, through the forms suggesting the spatial ornament directly connected with the surface on which the picture is shown; until the climax, where the still bas-relief transforms into an organic form, three-dimensional, pulsing with light and colour, hanging freely in the space, and in the final phase - getting again into darkness, dissolving into small, separate elements.

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