Beyond the Red Lines

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    Valeria Barbas

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    video / experimental video

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    postapocaliptic, isolation, lockdown, experimental, borders

Sometimes there is a thin line, a red-white line that is making delimitations, seclude and divide. The symbol of borders is referring not only to geographical borders, but also to a physical, mental, perceptional, approaching the isolation from the green world, from nature, forests, humans. In new post/pandemic conditions - situation of disconnection and un/presence in-between people, as well as with nature become critical nowadays. How much are we prepared to isolation and how to maintain the connection or to reconnect with the world, and not to lose ourselves? Despite of impossibility of going out, we still can build our ways to go outside, to go beyond the lines, further. Logline Beyond the red lines explores what is outside, beyond the borders, geographical and physical, intimate and public space, interior and exterior. Description: Video is made during my illness selfisolation in countryside in march-april with phone, using field recordings, noise, exrepts of sonification of coronavirus protein spikes Markus J. Bueler.

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