Across Capitalism / v2.3.1 *decay

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    Vilmos Koter

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    digital / generative

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    decay, generative, capitalism, data, digital art, glitch

The ‘Across Capitalism – decay series’ is based on a ‘deepfake’ video that I have created recently. This depicts a burlesque portrait of Donald Trump reciting the slightly altered lyrics of the Beatles song ‘Across the Universe’. The original voice and video were partially computer-generated with the help of neural networks that were trained with his speech and image patterns. The intention was never to deceive or mislead people with it. It was only meant to be a parody, a caricature of a man, and of the world system we all live in. The original content was made available on YouTube but after a half-day, it was removed by the uploader – by the same institution which provided the framework for the project and now holds the publishing rights for the ‘v0.2’ version in the upcoming three years. To continue and to make my work publicly available, I have created the ‘decay series’ that deconstruct the previous representations to produce further readings.

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