AAAC (An Autonomous Agent Choreo)

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    Toni Mitjanit

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    video / experimental video

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    experimental, generative

An Autonomous Agents Choreo (AAAC) is an abstract generative animation video created through code and user interaction in which a flock of autonomous agents governed by physical laws of attraction-repulsion is subjected to the will of a geometric choreography. Throughout the audiovisual piece, the flock of agents is distributed against nature into different geometric patterns which vary the general perception of colour, shape, texture and rhythm. The soundtrack is a generative audio work created through code and user interaction in which the movement and bustle of the flock of autonomous agents generates its own musical score. The physical features of the agents and the forces generated by the vector field which shakes them are some of the parameters used in the audio synthesis. The generative instruments and sinusoidal waves used for the sound space, their frequencies and rhythms change according to the geometrical pattern adopted by the flock of agents.

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